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Over the years spent between ground, sea and air, one passion only has always motivated me to progress: offer the best service possible to my clients and to the companies I shared the experiences with.

After more than 15 years in different environments, the Relocation Service, House Hunting, Conciergerie and Events became obvious choices.

Relocation Service and House Hunting allow me to turn to good account my passion for real estate and at the same time to be fully dedicated to my clients.



Through the Conciergerie services, I do what I know best and like most: being there for my clients.

The Events are simply an obvious “plus” linked to the above-mentioned services.

C’And was born out of a wish to spend my life doing only what I particularly enjoy above anything else while at the same time have the ability to mix different worlds, jobs that allow each and every experience to be unique. Be in contact with unique personalities and learn from each of them, every day.


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